ProBioFit™ Gut Health Supplement


Trust Your Gut

ProBioFit is a multi-action, gut health complementary medicine that combines enzymes with carefully selected probiotics and botanicals to promote gastrointestinal system health. ProBioFit also helps support friendly intestinal flora, relieves inflammation^, and helps promote general wellbeing resulting in a healthier and happier you!


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Product Details


  • Relieves symptoms of medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome*
  • Helps restore beneficial gut flora
  • Relieves inflammation^
  • Helps promote general health and wellbeing
  • Promotes intestinal-friendly bacteria growth


  • Contains probiotics to help enhance healthy digestive system bacteria growth
  • Contains 4.25 billion CFU per capsule
  • Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian, and Non-GMO


Take 2 capsules once daily.

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