Inspiring Nutrition Mandurah

For fourteen years Inspiring Nutrition & Diet therapy (INDi) have been supporting weight loss surgery patients to navigate through the pre- and post-surgery dietary phases and to develop a positive relationship with food. Our mission has always been #forahealthieryou.

We have learnt so much from our patients about what is important and what their needs are following their surgery. Over time we have developed a multitude of resources to better meet our patient’s needs.

However, scientific research and our patients have highlight that one of the biggest challenges in maintaining the amazing results weight loss surgery can bring, is eating that “bariatric” (small) serve when the capacity to eat is enhanced by the natural elasticity/flexibility of the stomach.

This is something we at INDi are passionate about – MAINTAINING weight loss and MAINTAINING a healthy balanced diet!

We applaud our patients for all their hard work post-surgery, all the positive changes they make toward eating a healthy balanced diet and all the positive lifestyle changes they make to achieve amazing results!

This has inspired us and for the last six months we have been working on a concept to support our patients with just that, #maintainingweightloss and #maintaininghealthydiet.

Local designer, Amanda from A Design Creativ @adesigncreativ, has worked with INDi over the years to develop our trademark logo and has now taken our ideas and transformed them into its current form. We are proud to support local business and continue to work with Mosman Glass Printers @mosmanglassprinters, to produce the perfect visual tool to support #maintainingweightloss and #maintaininghealthydiet
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