Inspiring Nutrition Mandurah

Having a visual cue to help with portion control following bariatric surgery is a key strategy in maintaining the integrity of the reduced stomach capacity. Particularly as so many of us are conditioned to “finish what’s on your plate!”

At INDi all our patients receive a portion control plate and bowl as a visual cue for serving an appropriate sized small bariatric meal. However, we feel long term limitations of this “small” plate and bowl is that it stands out, drawing attention – a reminder to everyone (not just yourself) that you can only eat small amounts; you are different – as well as what one patient told us “not having space to move the food on the plate without spillage”.

We also strongly believe that eating should be enjoyable and inclusive and that eating on an elegant dinner set makes a meal special, increasing enjoyment and satiety.

Our visual cue dinner set is subtle and elegant and specifically designed for our weight loss surgery patients with a dinner plate, bowl, mug and side plate all indicating the bariatric (small) portion to serve up to. There is also a key on the back of the plate to show how to portion the meal to meet healthy eating guidelines.

We believe #visualcue, #elegantsubtledesign and #inclusiveeating come together in our dinner set to give you the perfect tool for #maintainingweightloss and #maintaininghealthydiet