Collagen Food


Are you worried about the visible signs of ageing? You can do something about them! As we age the production of collagen begins to slow down. As a result, skin starts to become more fragile, less elastic and wrinkles set in. In addition, hair starts losing its colour, joints lose their flexibility, and bone quality begins to deteriorate. Collagen is necessary for conserving the youthfulness of skin and reducing wrinkles, it is also essential for the elasticity of the connective tissues, allowing them to expand and contract without damaging any tissue.

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Collagen Food Ingredients
To make healthy collagen the body needs sulphur, vitamin C and colloidal silica.
Our Collagen Food supplies all these nutrients in a delicious powder suitable for vegans.
Contains colloidal silica to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. .

Ingredient amounts in every 3 gram serve of Collagen Food
MSM 1500.00mg
Calcium Ascorbate and Ascorbic acid to provide total Vitamin C 1065.00mg
Colloidal silica 150.00mg
Sodium bicarbonate 81.00mg
Stevia and natural lemon flavour

Directions: 3 grams (equivalent to a level teaspoon) once or twice daily in water or juice.


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